Isolated deep in the sub-Antarctic, a staggering 4,109 km from mainland Australia lies one of the most inhospitable islands in the world – Heard Island. On the southern tip of this spectacular geographical feature, the breathtaking Glacier 51 (Fiftyone Glacier) pours into the surrounding treacherous icy waters, creating the ideal environment for the highly prized Glacier 51 Toothfish found patrolling the underwater volcanic crevices 2,000 metres below sea level.

With 'waygu-like' characteristics this fish has a complex, yet delicate mouth feel that coats the palate, making it a pleasure to eat. Its snow-white flesh and broad scalloping flakes give this fish an elegant clean balance of flavour and texture. 

This fish represents the ultimate choice in sustainability, Glacier 51 Toothfish has been certified sustainable by the Marina Stewardship Council (MSC) and is also deemed completely carbon neutral. 

Each piece of this incredible fish is cut to order each day, cut dry without the use of Freshwater which dilutes the flavour of fish, and is hand selected by Costa Nemitsas, one of the most respected fish mongers in the country.

** Please note this product retains the skin on. The skin on the Glacier 51 Toothfish carries the same flavour and texture weight as the flesh. Don't discard it. That thin wafer of grey offers a similar experience to that of pork belly. 

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150 g

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$ 21.99